World Heritage Serbia UNESCO

Serbian monuments included in the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage

  • Stari Ras with Sopoćani (1979) – a unit that includes monasteries Sopoćani and Đurđevi Stupovi, Petrova crkva (Peter’s Church) and remnants of fortresses Ras and Gradina
  • Monastery Studenica (1986)
  • Medieval monuments at Kosovo (2004) – in addition to monastery Dečani, which was individually accepted in 2004, monasteries Pećka Patrijaršija (Patriarchy of Peć) and Gračanica, as well as the church Bogorodica Ljeviška (Our Lady of Ljeviš), were added to the list in 2006.
  • Gamzigrad – Romuliana, Galerius’ Palace (2007)

The preliminary list of suggestions from Serbia for inclusion in this list presently include Justiniana Prima (Caričin Grad), monastery Manasija, fortress Bač, Smederevo fortress and Rajačke Pimnice, while the regional candidates include medieval monuments (stećci).


Within the program “Remembering the world”, Archives of Nikola Tesla were included in 2003 in the World Register of Cultural Documentation Heritage as representatives of Serbia, followed by Miroslav’s Gospel. Serbia has an intention to also include in this list the Yugoslav Film Archive (Jugoslovenska kinoteka).

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