Cultural and natural heritage of Serbia


Name of country: Republic of Serbia

Capital city: Belgrade, over 1,600,000 inhabitants

Geographic position: southeastern and central Europe, Balkan Peninsula, western Balkans

Regions: Region of Belgrade, Region of Vojvodina, Region of Šumadija and Western Serbia, Region of Southern and Eastern Serbia and Region Kosovo and Metohija

Boundaries: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia

Surface area: 88,509 km2

Climate: temperate continental

Longest river: Danube, 588 km through Serbia

Highest mountain peak: Đeravica (Mt. Prokletije), 2656 m above sea level

National vehicle registration symbol: SRB

Population: over 7,000,000, 83% Serbs

Official language: Serbian

Official alphabet: Cyrillic

Religion: 85% Eastern Orthodox Christians, 5.5% Roman Catholics, 3.2% Muslims

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